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"I just wanted you to know we had a surprise RHC inspection this week. Upon presenting the inspector with your Annual Evaluation report you could tell that she was confident that our clinic would meet the RHC requirements. The help and information that you supply to our clinics have helped us stay on track."

"Our office has been with Midwest Health Care for over five years. They have been doing our patient billing since 2009.  I was skeptical at first about them taking over our billing because that was one of my main duties at our office but since they have take over it has been a smooth transition between the billing and payment process.  They come in once a year to do an Annual Evaluation, to make sure we are compliant with the Rural Health rules and regulations with the State of Illinois. Their staff has also helped us with credentialing our providers.  The staff at Midwest Health Care, go above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns that our office may have.  I would highly recommend Midwest Health Care to anyone needing assistance with Rural Health status, Credentialing, Annual Evaluations or Medical Billing."

"I have worked with Midwest Health Care Inc. for nearly two years. I have found them to be tops in handling the credentialing process. They  understand the needs of a physician and practice setting to be financially successful.  Their follow-up is timely and accurate. The efficiency of the group is excellent. I would highly recommend them to any person needing assistance in the credentialing process."

"I do know that without your help, I could not have completed the RHC certification process, and without becoming an RHC, I could not have kept the clinic open. It is very doubtful that I could accurately complete and submit on time a cost report.
"The annual reviews have brought my clinic into compliance to the point that I don't worry about audits from the state or private insurance companies. I am very pleased with the timeliness and efficiency of the billing. And finally, all of you have been available and stood behind me when questions have arisen."

"Midwest Health Care really made the daunting process of getting RHC certification possible! If I had to learn all the rules and regulations on my own time, my practice would have suffered.
"As a psychologist and owning a mental health center, developing an RHC has really increased our patient base. Our mental health patients can be referred for medication evaluations from our RHC medical providers, and our RHC medical providers can identify and refer those in need of mental health services. It's been great!"

"Our organization has used Midwest Health Care to support our Rural Health Clinic services for the last four years. Midwest Health Care (MWHC) has helped us start up multiple RHC's as well as maintain multiple RHC sites by conducting our annual program evaluation.
"MWHC staff members are always helpful, professional, knowledgeable, timely and accessible. Every time I have a question or issue, I feel comfortable contacting MWHC, and they are consistently able to supply resources and support so that our organization can deliver quality services to our community and remain in regulatory compliance.
"Every year when going through the program evaluation, MWHC is very thorough and informative; they also take the time to give constructive feedback, research questions and supply resources."

"We have used MWHC for the past three years. We have come to depend on their expertise and knowledge to help us with any type of Rural Health Clinic issues, no matter if it is big or small. Glen and Todd are current on Rural Health Clinic regulations, and if they don't know the answer immediately, they will research the issue and reply back to us with an answer quickly. The annual evaluations are always very thorough and reports are back to us in a very timely manner.
"MWHC staff are kind, courteous and professional. When they come into the clinic, the working relationship is as if they are part of our staff."