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Rural Health Clinic Consulting

Rural Health Clinic Certification
Our certification process includes initial assessment, policy and procedure manuals, completion of certification forms, operational guidelines, facility preparation and continued support to meet Federal and State guidelines.

Midwest Health Care can advise and assist in preparing the medical office for Rural Health Clinic Certification.  This includes the initial Cost Report, that determines the initial RHC all inclusive rate for Medicare and Medicaid encounters with the provider. Starting the process correctly as a Rural Health Clinic is essential.

Rural Health Clinic Medical Billing and Collection
Rural Health Clinic medical billing requirements are considerably different than traditional physician medical billing. Medical billing information is communicated in a variety of ways between the practice and Midwest Health Care. The information is transmitted electronically to the fiscal intermediary. The patient accounts are managed utilizing state-of-the-art medical billing practice management software.

Rural Health Clinic Annual Evaluation
Certified Rural Health Clinics are required to complete an Annual Program Evaluation, listed in section CFR 491.11. MWHC offers a valuable third party review, professional and concise to comply with State Surveyor Standards.  We will make it easy for you to comply, offering a third party's view for continued improvement.  This review is completed in three phases; one being pre-site counseling and fact finding; phase two, on-site review; third phase, post review after you receive completed binders including review, fact finding and documents. This process is made painless and easy for your staff.  

Annual Cost Reports
We pride ourselves in offering the finest, most capable staff to complete your Annual Cost Report. It’s not just plugging in numbers, it’s all about understanding the process and keeping abreast of the changes that can affect the outcomes of your cost report.

Mental Health Implementation
Mental Health is recognized as vital to overall good health. In a Rural Health Clinic, mental health services are an excellent addition by which the practitioner can exercise total patient care. It is also an excellent way to increase revenue and provide patients with more comprehensive overall care. Midwest health Care has dedicated staff to become leaders in this effort and has the experience to help you. So... if the implementation of mental health services interests you, call us, we can help.  

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