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Medical Billing

Midwest Health Care, Inc. considers medical billing an art in a perpetually changing world.  Compliance regulations, changing electronic medical billing requirements and changing software continue to become more complicated.

Costs to update systems, software and hardware continue to impede and challenge the productivity of the staff.  Training, human resources, benefits, and staff environmental issues continue to escalate.

Have you really considered outsourcing the medical billing and collection function?

Have you really considered your total cost of operating your own medical billing department?  Have you really considered medical billing required compliance planning?

Why not talk to Midwest Health Care for a free, no cost analysis of your current medical billing needs and systems to help you better succeed?

Physician Medical Billing Outsourcing Benefits

  • Takes the billing and collection hassle out of your office
  • Frees up staff to take care of your patients
  • Lowers staffing overhead and HR expenses
  • Reduces down time to medical exposure
  • Increases speed of collection and posting of accounts
  • Eliminates your cost for clearing house
  • Quicker filing of small batch insurance claims
  • Saves training cost
  • No software upgrades
  • No more maintenance costs
  • Reduces space needs and cost
  • Electronic claims filing
  • Collections processing simplified
  • Monthly benchmarking
  • Simplified one page benchmarking overview, monthly
  • Compliance with Government Regulations
  • Reduces your cost for invoicing, stationary, & postage
  • Patients’ statements generated quicker
  • Productivity increased by economy of scale
  • Management time reduced dealing with staffing issues
  • Improved workflow in your office
  • Improved patient relations, allowing the provider to deal with the patient health and not the billing and collection side of the business

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